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Boogie woogie is piano based dance music - rhythm and improvisation over a blues form.  It is the backbone of American music, the foundation for both modern jazz and American pop music.  It is also America’s “forgotten” music.  A national craze in the post war years, it evolved into modern jazz and rock in the 1950s, and was largely forgotten by the general public.  Until now.  We will be expanding on the meaning of boogie woogie as we develop this site, as well as documenting the origins and evolution of the form.

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Some History

A new version of the BoogieWoogie.Com web site was launched in May 2008 after the domain moved to new ownership.

Creative Team

Kelly Boyle
Kelly is an Artist supplying the visuals for the version of the web site launched in May 2008. Her web site is

Robert K. Foster
A web site designer for the version of the site launched in May 2008. His web design company can be found online at Windjammer Company LLC.


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